Best Fashion Design Schools

If you are searching for the right career path to take, consider what your interests are. Moncler Store Are you passionate about clothes, accessories and fashion in general? Then you might want to consider pursuing a career in fashion. The best way to jumpstart this endeavour is to find the best fashion design school that will perfectly fit your needs and expectations.Going to the right school will open your doors to the diverse world of the fashion industry. However, before starting your school search, it is best to determine which aspect of the industry you would like to concentrate on. This will help make your goals clearer, and would narrow down your choices for the fashion school.There are a number of career paths you can choose from. If you have a flair for creating fashionable clothes, then fashion design may be the best course for you to take. Talented fashion designers are always in demand, because people are always looking for fresh ideas when it comes to looking good. As a designer, there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing your ideas take shape in the form of clothes and/or accessories. You can even pursue a career being a model or a personal stylist – both of these paths would give you the chance to show off your artistic prowess.If you want to delve deeper into the ins and outs of the fashion industry as a business, you might want to try Moncler Kids Jackets your hand in fashion merchandising. You will deal with the movers and shakers of the industry, plus you will get the chance to take a behind-the-scenes look at their business acumen. You can become a fashion coordinator for a magazine or a store (and get to know the clients for each fashion brand), or you can be a merchandiser/buyer for a retail store.A good fashion design school would prepare you for all of the career paths mentioned above. You can choose to pursue a comprehensive degree that would take years if you want to learn most of the fashion industry's facets. On the other hand, if you are set on wanting to learn about just a certain aspect, there are short courses or diplomas in fashion that you can in 12-18 months.Although going to a fashion school may take a chunk out of your budget, there are financial aid and scholarship programs you can apply for. Some of the best fashion design schools offer these aids to students who are keen on pursuing a career in fashion, but are holding back because of financial issues. Now everyone who has the passion for fashion can have the chance of earning a fashion degree.When you have determined what aspect you would like to concentrate on, it's time to look for the best fashion design schools in your preferred location. If you know people who have been to fashion schools, then you might want to ask what they think about those places -sometimes it's more reliable to talk to people who have first-hand experience on going to a specific facility.You can also search the Internet for a list of fashion design schools that would fit your criteria. You just have to filter the information so you get the data that you are looking for. You can search by location, by the programs offered or even by the success of the school's graduates. After narrowing down your choices, you can then proceed with the application process, which could take some time depending on the school's requirements.Now is the best time to map your future. The sooner you get started on the Mens Moncler Jackets path to building a career in fashion, the quicker you can jump into the industry completely ready for the challenges. Get yourself into the best fashion design school now – and get ready to take full charge of your life.


Syria Internet Disrupted As Egypt Blackout Catches On In Middle East

On the same day that Egypt has suspended online activity, Syria has also blocked Moncler Online internet service, according to reports. Syria is known for a tight control of the internet, which was tightened further after the unrest in Tunisia, reports Reuters. Now, Al Arabiya is reporting that internet services have gone down completely in the country. Previously, Syria had Moncler Womens Boots blocked programs that "allow access to Facebook Chat from cellphones," according to Reuters. Egypt's online services have reportedly been down since last night as the country's deadly protests continued into what was planned as the largest day so far. Facebook has reportedly been blocked in Egypt for days, before which it was being used as a key tool for organizers. It was also used by the successful revolutionaries in Tunisia, raising concerns among other nations that it posed a threat. UPDATE (10:32EST) Al Arabiya is reporting that a Syrian official has denied the internet service is down. UPDATE: Reports are emerging that the Internet is not down in Syria, Moncler Hats although the previous service disruptions are in place. This is a developing story. More to come. Click here for the latest developments in Egypt.


Today's Designer Classic Is Modern Vintage Of Tomorrow

When I look at the fashion styles in today’s Vogue, W Magazine, or Bazaar, it is hard to Moncler Store see what might turn into a classic dress. Some of designer clothes are too arty to be considered, and are only photographed for the now most of which I would deem unwearable anyway. I have a few things hanging in my closet right now that seemed like a practical choice last season, only to see that it will be a one hit wonder. When you are twenty, no trend seems too far out, and the classics appear downright prudish. Then, reality hits somewhere closer to thirty, and when we are responsible for everything. The fashion faux-pas start to look a little more ridiculous, and get a bit expensive. As we age, certain things don’t look as good, or right anymore. I think that is just fine, because the wisdom gained is invaluable, and we know that those trendy pieces tell a story later in life. What’s important to know is how to add value to your fashion wardrobe without wasting clothes. Look to a little bit of fashion history to know what pieces remain timeless, and are worth owning twenty years from now the little black dress, the luxury handbag, or an exquisite blouse. It starts to take hold somewhere around age 27, when you realize the value of certain items. You want to become that individual, and get away from the cookie cutter mall rats. I would recommend finding that designer boutique that gets to know you. The individual attention you receive is invaluable, and you know you’ll be procuring better items for the long run. Womens Moncler Coats My favorite style associate will call me when she sees items that suit my style, and she’s honest in telling me how I look. Boutiques will hold trunk shows for their favorite designers, where you can be the first to order the upcoming season’s looks, and know that you are purchasing quality that endures. Designers produce limited quantities of their items which brings exclusivity and value. This is what makes your wardrobe more distinct and individual to your style. Vintage Clothes of Tomorrow What makes a timeless piece? Designs that have strong individuality, signature style, and a sense of mystery says Natasha Leratti, a High End Miami based Fashion Designer and Stylist. While it is hard to say exactly which modern pieces of today will make statement point of tomorrow’s vintage, there are some pieces that make obviously choices. The Little Black Dress that combines classic lines with a little flair will be one that can be updated with the modern shoes and accessories, regardless of the decade. A simple cut jacket can be instantly updated with a modern shirt or jewelry underneath. Designer Clothes that are classic, with unexpected elements will be tomorrow’s vintage a romantic silk blouse, an embellished shift dress, Moncler Boots or a crocodile handbag will be choices I would look for. When you shop for vintage today, you should be prepared to pay more for better designer clothes and fashion accessories, just as you would new. If an item is well made and cared for, then it will last for years. The details of the designer items have been paid attention to, and are worth the extra. The early creations of Christian Dior exuded a charm and grace that is quite timeless in design, yet is easily modernized with a blend of today’s chunky jewels, architectural heels, and colorful handbags. Head to toe vintage can look too much like a costume, so the unity is key. Designer Auctions are great opportunity to find new as well as vintage items. You never know when someone does not realize the significance of a piece and you can pick it up for under face value. It’s important to do your homework when buying vintage to know if something is worth the price. Natasha Leratti’s design philosophy revolves around the idea of buying for tomorrow. Her website, leratti.com offers daytime and cocktail dresses, as well as evening skirts, knits, and fashion accessories that exude a couture flair for today, and quality to be the vintage of tomorrow. Her keen design sense makes her a frontrunner for the modern woman’s fashion wardrobe. She can create one of a kind couture items for you that will last a lifetime, and become classics you pass down. My Best Wishes To All Fashionably Fabulous Women, Your Fashion Guru and Stylist, Natasha Leratti.


Las Vegas Weather Guide

Las Vegas lies in the middle of the desert. The arid expanse of sand is broken Moncler Store up by the mountain of glistening manmade constructions that make up the city of Las Vegas. One thing you'll hear again and again is that even though Las Vegas gets very hot, the dry desert heat is not unbearable. The hottest time of the year is the summer months of June, July and August, when the mercury regularly hits 104F; however, the humidity averages a low 22%, and even on very hot days, there's apt to be a breeze. As a precaution visitors are advised to drink plenty of water in the summer months (ice cubes don't count) particularly if you will be doing a lot of outdoor activities. Las Vegas is situated in a desert so the tendency is for daytime temperatures to be high with the evenings cooling down rapidly. There is little rainfall, with merely one or two days of rain a month. If you visit (http:las-vegas.ixs.netGeneralLas-Vegas-Toursindex.aspx ) at this time, expect to Moncler Black newstyles down Jacket with belts spend all of your time indoors, sheltering from the heat in air-conditioned entertainment complexes. However, there are some outdoor malls where you don't have to worry about the sun because they have large canopies; a few with spraying machines to keep the visitors cool even in the middle of a hot summer day! But this is the desert, and it's not hot all year round. The winter months are much cooler, with the temperature hovering at 59F and at night dropping to 30F (-1C) and sometimes lower. Although rare, it does snow occasionally in Las Vegas. (The winter of 1998-99 dropped nearly 2 inches of snow on the Strip. The breeze can also become a cold, biting, strong wind of up to 40 mph and more. And so there are entire portions of the year when you won't be using that hotel pool at all (even if you want to because most of the hotels close huge chunks of those fabulous pool areas for "the season"). For the most part, winter visitors will be able to enjoy outdoor attractions, with little threat of storms or rain. The best time to visit Las Vegas is in the spring or fall, when temperatures are surprisingly mild. The desert climate insures a minimum of rainfall, and daytime temperatures are predictably pleasant, often in the high 60s and low 70s (Fahrenheit). In any case, it's always the right time to go to Las Vegas because climate control is a science in this desert town and you will rarely be uncomfortable while inside. Though March through June and the month of October are the suitable months for touring Las Vegas, summer and winter are preferred by those who want to avoid the maddening crowd.What To BringWhat to bring is largely dependent Moncler Men Khaki Dark GREY Coat on the time of year of the visit. During winter, when temperatures get chilly, be sure to pack a warm jacket. (It's safe to leave the heavy parka at home.) Visitors in spring can probably get away with little more than a sweater and khakis, but it doesn't hurt to pack either a sweatshirt or a light windbreaker. A summer stay requires plenty of shorts and T-shirts and lots of sunscreen and a hat -- even if it's not all that hot, you can burn very easily and very fast. Also, be sure to pack some practical footwear as most of the hotels on the Strip are spaced fairly far apart.


Tips On Buying That New Motorcycle

You've made up your mind and you have finally decided to buy a new motorcycle! Moncler Jackets What a thrilling time this can be especially when you go into a dealership with a little bit of knowledge! It is important to know what you want, and to make sure your motorcycle fits your needs. Do your homework and understand completely what you're looking for before you talk to a salesperson. There is a great web site called http:CycleBuy.com where you can find out the dealer invoice price and obtain a report on each bike. Remember the dealer is in business to think money and he will try and make at least 10% profit on your sale. Some of the more common fees are set-up fees, documentation fees, destination charges and taxes. It is difficult sometimes to find out what a dealership's profit margin is, but it is somewhere between 5 and 15%.Also know that the salesman will always try to sell you extra items including an extended warranty and all the accessories, because, as you may well know, the dealer makes money on this as well. You may not want any extras and if so, don't let a salesman talk you into anything you don't want. If you are doing a trade-in, Moncler Women Newest Styles Black Coat remember to do your homework. Check out this web site, http:www.kbb.com (Kelly Blue Book), as this will tell you what the price of the vehicle is when either selling it outright or trading it in. Try keeping mind that the dealer always wants to make at least 10% profit on each deal, so doing your homework means you may be able to talk them down quite a bit.Most dealers like cash deals, however, if you are financing try to put down a good portion of that in cash. You may want to use a personal line of credit or get a pre-approved loan from a lending institution before approaching a dealer. Some dealers may have low percentage loans they can offer you on certain models, and this may definitely influence your decision. If you sell your bike privately rather than trading it in, you will usually get more for it. Remember, the dealer wants to work with you so play hardball with him. Give them some of your other business such as riding gear and accessories as this can be used as a bargaining tool. After you finalize the deal, you can almost always get them to Moncler Women Newest Styles Blue Coat sweeten it a bit more by throwing in the helmet or a jacket, since the salesperson has spent a lot of time and doesn't want to lose the sale.


Splurge On Yourself With These Mens Diesel Jackets!

If you are willing to fork out some major dough for a great looking jacket, why Moncler Store not pick up one of these great styles in mens Diesel jackets. These incredible mens Diesel jackets will add some major flair to your wardrobe and no one will second guess your incredible sense of style and knowledge of great fashion.The Diesel Jelso jacket is a great option for a formal suit jacket in an unexpected blend of colors. In a brown body, this jacket features a contrast black shawl collar that will lend inspiration from tuxedo jackets, without as much formality and stuffiness. The one button front is casual and effortless, while the welt pocket on the chest will break up the sleekness of this design and provide some visual appeal. This jacket will look great with a button down shirt underneath it or with simply a plain t-shirt. Have fun wearing this option with a variety of different looks for a 'universal design that can be dressed down as easily as it can be dressed up.The Diesel Laddery jacket is a lovely leather jacket in a unique navy blue colorway. With a band collar and snap welt pockets throughout, this jacket is sleek and sophisticated with Moncler Women light Brown Angers fur hood quilted Jacket a rock and roll edge. The tone on tone stitching throughout maintain and air of major beauty, while the 100% lamb leather exterior will only get better and soft with continued wear and age. This is a costly choice at $550.00, but one that you can guarantee you will have for years and years to come.For a unique design in a blazer, pick up the Letrid jacket for $750.00. This unique blazer is made entirely of a supple leather with a vintaged, worn-in aesthetic that crafts into a slim fitting blazer that is updated with a long, concealed zip pocket sitting next to the placket. The double layered Mandarin collar is a great feature and the button flap pockets are slightly asymmetrical to create a truly unique jacket. When worn everyday, this jacket will solidify your fantastic sense of style.For a funky puffy jacket design, pick up the Jomess-Service jacket. This quilted down puffer jacket is complete in a shiny and sleek black nylon. The hood is concealed under a foldover collar to allow you to customize the way this jacket looks to your preferences. The knit cuffs have zipper vents, while the drawstring waist will accentuate your figure and also prevent drafts from giving you a chill. The 100% nylon exterior is accented by the 70% duck down and 30% duck feature lining. This is a fabulous design that you will absolutely adore wearing all the time in the winter months.For a truly incredible design that is a high price ticket, pick up the Diesel Black Gold Moncler Women Mabel Black Quilted Hooded Jacket Leather jacket for $1,200.00. This jacket is a beautiful option finished in rich Italian sheepskin leather that is faded and weathered for a coveted vintage appeal and that is detailed with metal rivets that trim the collar, shoulders, and sleeves. With a zip front and a slightly motorcycle feel, this jacket also has a chest zipper and side slash pockets for a place to put your hands. Fully lined, this jacket will fit like a glove and will look incredible on you. Though you have only had this for a few hours, this jacket will look like it was built for you years and years ago. Don't give up this amazing option for timeless designs that you will love wearing again and again!So if you are looking to splurge, don't hesitate in picking up these beautiful designs in mens Diesel jackets for looks that you will adore time and time again.


Stylish And Snug: The Winter Jacket

Whether you are snow-bound or snow-based, the winter jacket is a crucial part of your wardrobe in cold weather climates. Moncler Outlet When looking for the perfect winter jacket it is important to consider your activities, your needs, and the severity of weather. Also important is making sure the winter jacket you select complements the style of your wardrobe and says something about your personality.Our guide to the winter jacket covers key features to look out for when deciding on the right winter jacket to buy and what is appropriate for certain activities.Fabulous Functional FeaturesThe winter jacket comes in temperature range options, such as sub-zero, and insulation options, such as duck down, goose down, synthetic fill, fleece, and fur lining. For skiing, mountaineering, and other wintertime alpine adventures, we highly recommend going for a sub-zero winter jacket like the women's Mountain Hardwear 'Sub Zero SL Hooded Jacket.' Down fill is especially necessary for the winter jacket worn in lower temperatures for added insulation over or under other layers.Other considerations for finding your winter jacket include the presence of a hood, and if it is detachable, rain and Moncler Women Quincy Blue Nylon Jacket wind resistance, and if it has zippered internal hidden pockets. When it comes to an all-around winter jacket for wet climes, we suggest going for something like the 'Rain Shadow Trench Coat' from Patagonia, which features tear resistant fabric, removable hood, zippered internal pockets, water resistant handwarmer pockets, and a feminine cut with princess seaming and darts. Internal pockets are particularly important for the outdoor enthusiasts out on the trail or climbing rocks. Keep your keys, lip balm, money, and identification safe and secure in a winter jacket with this feature.Fitted Feminine FeaturesOf course we also want you to be fashionable in your winter jacket! There are ways to avoid looking like a bloated snowman while still keeping toasty and cozy underneath a substantial outer layer.Our first fitted must is the waist-cinching belt. Even rugged outdoor companies have started to add this fashionable feature to the mid-section of their winter jacket selection. The belt on The North Face's 'Greenland' winter jacket adds a nice tailored look to an otherwise bulky jacket, softening the line and creating a feminine silhouette.Also a nice touch to the winter jacket is a little bit of bling! Whether it is bronze caps on draw cords, shiny metallic outer fabric, oversized collars, or fur-trimmed hoods and cuffs, a little bit of sass to your winter jacket can go a long way!' Even the style of your buttons can go a long way. The double breasted Moncler Women Quincy Chocolate Brown Nylon Jacket is both fashionable and warm and will take you from daytime errands to nighttime frolicking with grace.Let our guide to the winter jacket be a reminder that style and function do go hand-in-hand. It may be worth a little bit more out of your pocket to make sure your winter jacket is properly suited to keep your body warm against harsh conditions. Cold weather is no laughing matter! Start your search for the ideal winter jacket today!